Early 2019

Tricia Moores became our new Musical Director in February.

Tricia was born in Cheshire and developed a love of music from its constant presence in childhood, her mother’s listening habits leaning towards the operatic and theatrical. She spent most of her life in Nottingham, having moved there to study maths & physics when she was 18. Much to her mother’s chagrin, Tricia never returned to Cheshire, choosing instead to find employment in local government. Having been a keen musician from school days, a first study oboist, she has maintained several fingers in the pie of non-professional music for many years. In 2012, after a long career as a social care manager, Tricia grasped the opportunity for voluntary redundancy and set up in business as a woodwind, valved brass, music theory and primary curriculum teacher in Nottinghamshire schools and privately. Towards the end of her time in Nottingham, Tricia also studied and practised as a counsellor, mediator and workplace investigator.

In 2015, Tricia moved to Huddersfield for further study, reasoning that if you’re teaching music then a music degree might come in handy. After graduating in 2018, she went on to postgraduate study. Tricia holds a BA in music from Huddersfield University, an MA in composition from Sheffield University and is actively looking into the possibility of PhD research.

While not engaged in musical activities, Tricia enjoys riding her 600cc motorbike (Wanda the Honda), drinking real ale (not at the same time), birdwatching and referring to herself in the third person.

We are very excited to have her leading the band and look forward to the future with her.

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