Christmas Concert

Thankyou to David Billington for his lovely write up of our 2016 Christmas Concert…


Shepley Band were very brave by deciding to hold their Christmas Concert at The Old Canteen at Barncliffe Mills. Would anyone turn up? Was the venue suitable? Would it be too informal? The answers to all these questions were very positive and the Concert was a huge success.
The venue was packed; it was informal but the audience could enjoy a drink, seasonal refreshments, even a meal; and the quality of music and carols were first class.
Since the arrival of David Tobin as Musical Director, the Band has grown in numbers and the standard of playing has improved.
Indeed, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves so much that the Concert, which started on Tuesday evening, could well have gone on until Wednesday morning! Well done Shepley Band – your initiatives were well rewarded.
If you have not heard the Band for some time you will be very surprised at their improvements. They will be playing on The Village Green on Christmas Eve, starting at 7pm, when we can all join in singing carols and enjoying a wonderful community celebration for Christmas in Shepley.

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